Tantra Illuminated Volume 1 - Christopher D. Wallis & Ekabhūmi Ellik

Tantra Illuminated Volume 1

von Christopher D. Wallis & Ekabhūmi Ellik

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2014-01-05
  • Genre: Philosophie


Tantra Illuminated takes the reader on a fascinating journey to the very heart of Tantra: its key teachings, foundational lineages, and transformative practices. Since the West s discovery of Tantra 100 years ago, there has been considerable fascination, speculation, and more than a little misinformation about this spiritual movement. Now, for the first time in the English language, Tantra Illuminated presents an accessible introduction to this sacred tradition that began 1,500 years ago in the far north of India. Using translations from from primary Sanskrit sources and offering a profound look at spiritual practice, this book reveals Tantra s rich history and powerful teachings.

Volume 1 of Tantra Illuminated is the first of three volumes, all of which will be available soon here on iTunes. Volume 1 contains the Introduction and Part 1: The Philosophy of Nondual Śaiva Tantra from the second edition of the print book, as well as multimedia content not available in the print book. The History and Practice sections will be included in volumes 2 and 3, respectively.

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