Learn French - Interactive Beginner A1 - Le Bon Mot

Learn French - Interactive Beginner A1

von Le Bon Mot

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2015-04-11
  • Genre: Fremdsprachen


Le Bon Mot: Reinventing the Game of Language Learning.

Learn French on the go - with our interactive textbook with Multi-touch! French is a beautiful language - with this eBook for beginners, you can now see, listen, touch and feel the language! *Full audio included*

Have fun & advance fast with our 10 chapters and 40 sections of selected French cultural background. Dialogues, and end-of-chapter quizzes give you instant feedback on your progress. Drag the phrases in the right order, match the word to the picture and answer clever multiple-choice questions.

It is scientifically proven that students learn 50 % faster with an interactive multi-channel approach! :)


Greetings, Hotels, Transport, Holidays, Shopping, Geography and Restaurants are just some of the varied topics in this book.

Beautiful Layout for beautiful minds:

More than 200 beautiful HD drawings and interactive pictures help you to "touch & learn" the most important vocabulary.


- 10 bonus sections show you popular French songs, facts, proverbs  and expressions.

- Highlight interesting areas with colors

- Add your own notes to the book

- Study Cards from your notes

- Bookmark important pages

- iCloud Sync with your devices

- Social Sharing of content

- Full-text search

For your total immersion: This textbook is unilingual in French!

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